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Senate May Reject Amaechi, Fashola as Ministers

There are growing indications that the Senate may not confirm Hon. Rotimi Amaechi and Babatunde Raji Fashola as ministers following growing allegations of corruption during their tenure as executive governors of Rivers and Lagos states respectively.

A high-ranking PDP Senator from the South-South region told Business Journal on condition of anonymity in Abuja that the PDP-caucus at the Senate will make sure that both Amaechi and Fashola fail the ministerial confirmation hurdle.

The senator said: “It is unfortunate that Buhari who told Nigerians that only men and women of integrity would be on his ministerial list presented both men to the Senate for confirmation as ministers. Both of them are facing grave allegations of corruption in their various states. We would reject them.”

The second reason for the cloud of uncertainty over Amaechi and Fashola is the Code of Conduct trial of Senate President, Bukola Saraki.

The PDP senator alleged that both Amaechi and Fashola were part of the APC leadership caucus that decided to humiliate Saraki over allegations of false declaration of assets.

“Let me tell you. Amaechi and Fashola were part of the APC conspiracy to drag Saraki to court over assets declaration. It is now payback time. Forget about them-they can’t scale the hurdle as ministers,” the senator insisted.

Amaechi is currently battling allegations of fraud over the sale and conversion of government power plants amounting to $302 million, payment of N4 billion to Clinoriv Specialist Hospital and another N1.5 billion to Messrs Collect Nigeria Limited. The matter is before the Justice Omereji-led Judicial Commission of Inquiry sitting in Port Harcourt.

For Fashola, there are also allegations of building a website for N78 million, amongst several other allegations of corrupt enrichment and mismanagement while in office.

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