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Igbo Youth Forum Condemns Nomination of Hon. Benjamin Kalu as Deputy House Speaker

The Amalgamated Igbo Youth Progressive Forum has condemned the decision of the Leadership of the All Progressives’ Congress APC to zone the Deputy Speakership slot to Abia State, describing it as unjustifiable and not in the interest of the Igbo race.

In a press statement issued in Abuja on today, the Forum frowned at the decision of the APC to nominate Hon. Benjamin Kalu from Abia State as the party’s choice for the deputy speaker seat.

The truth of the matter is that, “we don’t know who Hon. Kalu is, and we are sure he will not represent or protect the interest of Igbos in the House.

“What we know of him is that he has lived in South Africa and Australia and only came to Nigeria to contest election.”

He has never contributed anything to the Igbo cause and struggles, and as such, “we believe if he is there as a Deputy Speaker, our interest will not be protected.”

According to the National President of the Forum, Comrade Charles Nonso Okoye, “we are shocked that the APC bypassed popular, loyal and committed party members who are in the House to pick Hon. Kalu”.

“Honourable members who fought for the party, who ensured the party made appreciable impact in the last election are there. What are the criteria for choosing Kalu? We call on the national leadership of the party to without delay rescind that unpopuler decision and allow the House to pick who they want as their Speaker and Deputy Speaker respectively.

The era of imposition is over and we call on all party members from the South East in the House of Representatives to be united and fight against imposition.

The South East boasts of credible and committed party members and we call on the APC to look around again and make the best choice for the South East.”

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