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Union Bank Rewards Debit Card Users

After over three months of sustained campaign to encourage the use of debit cards, Union Bank Nigeria Plc has rewarded its customers that heeded the call and activated their cards.

In the draw which involved over 100, 000 customers that activated their debit cards nationwide within the period of the promotion, a school teacher at Aba, Miss Lucy Uwaezu Udeogu emerged the lucky winner of the grand prize of a trip to Dubai.

But Udeogu, who teaches Civic Education/Social Studies at Brilliant Model Schools, Aba, was apparently reluctant to undertake the trip to Dubai and was consequently awarded N250, 000 in lieu of what could have been her maiden trip outside the shores of Nigeria.

At the ceremony held at the Union Bank, Ngwa Road branch, Aba, the grand prize winner was presented with a cheque for the sum of N250, 000 by the Group Head, Aba Retail Cluster, Mr. Friday Okosun.

Four lucky customers who emerged as first prize winners got a generator each, four others who were drawn as second prize winners were given a deep freezer each while those in the third prize category shared four units of television sets.

“We’re encouraging people to use debit cards,” Okosun said, adding that the campaign would be a continuous exercise given that some people tend to be resistant to change.

Okosun advised bank customers to imbibe the habit of using debit cards in banking transactions because of its convenience and time-saving. He allayed the fears of bank customers who still harbour the fear that debit card is prone to fraud, assuring that “our card is fraud free”. He stated that it would amount to an uphill task for anybody to compromise the bank’s debit card system because of inbuilt security features.

Expressing her appreciation to the management of Union Bank for giving incentives to customers for activating their debit cards, the grand prize winner, Miss Udeogu said she has discovered the debit card as “the quickest” means of withdrawing money from her account.

“ATM is very good. It frees you from the frustrating experience of going to queue in the banking hall in order to withdraw your money,” she said, adding that she considers debit card as “the most preferable means of banking transactions.”

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