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Our Transformation Story

Today is an indelible Day of History for Business Journal.

It marks the effective and successful transformation of Business Journal from a monthly business magazine to a weekly business/ financial newspaper.

Indeed, we have come a long way from birth in May 2008 as a monthly magazine to what we are today as a weekly newspaper. It has been a divine journey anchored on Professionalism, Enterprise, and Freedom. It is also driven by our resilience and dogged commitment to achieving our overarching dream of advancing the cause of business/financial journalism in Nigeria.
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We have defied the mortality report that 80 per cent of small businesses die within the first five years of establishment. Clearly, this implies that Business Journal has performed respectably in the market to be rated among the unique 20 per cent of small businesses that survived and crossed the first five-year mortality threshold.

We not only survived the historic global financial meltdown, we also scaled through the crash in the stock market and earthquake in the banking sector. It was unequivocally, a testament to our enduring legacy in the market and kudos to the tenacity and support of our readers, advertisers and other stakeholders in the public and private sectors.

Today, after six and a half years in operation, we are still standing stronger and advancing to greater heights in Nigeria’s journalism space. Our march in confidence into the realm of weekly business/financial newspaper today from being a monthly magazine at inception attests strongly to this.
The same intrinsic values that sustained us for six years and six months in the midst of daunting economic and environmental challenges will equally see us through the current experiment.

As we launch out today as a weekly business newspaper, our mission remains the desire to add value to the journalism profession in Nigeria through the tenets of Professionalism, Enterprise and Freedom, and deliver even greater value to our readers, advertisers and stakeholders.
Business Journal will continue to provide a credible platform for economic analyses, business information, reliable data, business development and growth opportunities, and strategic visibility for advertisers.

As a newspaper, we shall focus on key sectors of the economy such as (Banking/Financial Services, Energy, Information & Communications Technology, Manufacturing, Insurance/Pension, Healthcare, Real Estate, Travel/Tourism, and MSMEs, etc) for maximum impact on the road to national economic renaissance.

These sectors would be supported by other service segments (Brands, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Advertising, Sports, Marketing, Art, Automobile and West African Business) to enrich and add colour to our offerings every week.

Our ultimate goal is to make Business Journal an indispensable business companion to operators in the economy every week.
At the core of our strategy are our readers and advertisers whose support remains crucial to the sustainability of our dream in the Second Half just as they did creditably in the First Half.

For our readers, we shall remain a worthwhile investment in terms of quality of content. For advertisers, we shall remain a strategic partner to deliver on their corporate promises by reaching their target audience at all times and in all seasons across major cities and towns in the country.
More importantly, our digital platform will provide per second business information, reliable data and analyses to readers in Nigeria and across global entities on daily basis through a digital network of over 256, 000 professionals and decision-makers in Nigeria and abroad garnered over a period of over six years in the market.

This will empower our stakeholders outside the country to make informed business and investment decisions in Nigeria.
Our Digital Platform Slogan is: Digital Business News Per Second.

Finally, we wish to recognise and pay tribute to the organisations (Public and Private) that stood firmly with us and supported our small business dream from the very beginning in 2008 to date, in the firm belief that our Mustard Seed could grow to become an Oak!

And as we say THANK YOU to them for supporting Business Journal Magazine from 2008 to 2014, we also appeal to them to continue to support Business Journal Newspaper from 2015 into the far future!

Business Journal
We deliver business news that are professionally crafted and tailored to give you business freedom and expression that is aimed at increasing your spirit of enterprise.

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