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Continental Re, Afro Asian Insurance Services Partner to Address Emerging Risks in Nigerian Market


Continental Reinsurance Plc, in partnership with Afro Asian Insurance Services based in London, successfully conducted a comprehensive training session on New and Emerging Risks specifically tailored for the Nigerian market.

Held on May 10th and 11th, 2023, at the Continental Reinsurance Center in Lagos, the event garnered widespread participation from over 30 insurance companies and brokers.

Under the expert guidance of Ryan Phillips, Managing Director, and Andrew Hodget, Business Development Manager of Afro Asian Insurance Brokers in London, the training delved into the pressing demands for emerging risk solutions in Nigeria.

With a focus on crucial areas such as Cybersecurity, Kidnap and Ransom, and Blockchain, the session provided valuable insights into the escalating risks prevalent in our current environment.

In response to the industry’s need for updated knowledge and expertise, the training shed light on the core offerings of insurance covers related to emerging risks. Furthermore, it provided a global perspective, equipping insurers and brokers with a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape.

As dedicated reinsurers, Continental Reinsurance and Afro Asian Insurance Services remain committed to the continuous education of professionals within the insurance industry. By empowering insurers and brokers with the necessary tools and insights, they aim to enhance their ability to navigate and address emerging risks effectively.

In a rapidly changing world, the partnership between Continental Reinsurance and Afro Asian Insurance Services serves as a testament to the proactive approach taken by industry leaders in ensuring the resilience and adaptability of Nigeria’s insurance sector.

Through collaborative efforts, they are paving the way for a more secure and risk-conscious future.

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