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Celebrating a Decade of Excellence: NHEA at 10

By NHEA Media & Communication

In the bustling heart of Lagos, within the hallowed halls of the Eko Hotel, a conversation in 2012 sparked a movement that would transform Nigeria’s healthcare landscape. Dr. Wale Alabi and Dr. Egbe Osifo-Dawodu, two stalwarts of the healthcare sector, sat down after the West African Health Conference, igniting an idea that would soon blossom into the Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Award (NHEA).

“We had just wrapped up a session where Dr. Egbe was the guest speaker,” recalls Dr. Wale. “Over a cup of coffee, we began discussing the need for an award to recognize and celebrate excellence in our healthcare sector.”

The conversation didn’t end there. Back in his office, Dr. Wale revisited the idea with Moses Braimah, another key player in the healthcare field and a strategic marketing communication expert. They examined brochures from similar awards in India and other parts of the world, drawing inspiration and envisioning the possibilities for Nigeria.

“We went online, researched similar awards globally. It was clear – this was something we could do,” Moses remembers. “Our experience in organizing national, international, and local events gave us the confidence we needed.”

In one of their later strategy sessions, they were joined by Dr. Shola Alabi (not a relation to Dr. Wale). With each meeting, the vision became clearer and the plans more concrete. They knew they were onto something significant.

“When Dr. Wale and Moses shared their vision with me, I was instantly on board,” says Dr. Shola. “It was ambitious, but we had the passion and the expertise to make it happen.”

A year before the inaugural award, the first public announcement was made at the 2013 West African Health Conference and Exhibition. The excitement was palpable as attendees learned of the forthcoming Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Award, set to be hosted at Eko Hotel – a symbolic venue marking the start of something monumental.

“We chose Eko Hotel for the first event. It was a nod to our roots and the start of something much bigger,” Wale reflects.

The journey to the first award night was not without its challenges. The team faced late nights, power outages, and relentless heat.

“I remember us working through the night,” Moses shares. “The power went out, and it was sweltering. At one point, we were down to our boxers, but we kept going. We knew what we were building was bigger than the immediate discomfort.”

Despite these hurdles, the first NHEA was a resounding success, setting the stage for what would become the most prestigious and credible healthcare award in Nigeria. Over the years, NHEA has evolved, celebrating excellence, inspiring innovation, and bringing significant attention to the healthcare sector.

“NHEA has become a beacon of excellence,” Dr. Egbe states. *“It has inspired healthcare professionals and institutions to strive for higher standards and greater achievements.”

As NHEA celebrates its 10th edition, the focus remains on the future. The awards continue to lead, inspire, and celebrate the pioneers and trailblazers of Nigerian healthcare.

“The journey is far from over, and the best is yet to come,” Dr. Shola adds with optimism.

Together, let us continue to support, innovate, and celebrate excellence in healthcare. Because at NHEA, excellence is not just a goal but a journey. And this journey has only just begun.

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