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Firm to Develop Affordable Homes for Calabar Residents

An indigenous firm, Turn – Over Plus Limited, is set to develop a housing estate, Green City Estate, Calabar, Cross River State, in an effort to boost the housing stock in the state.

The Green City Estate is located in Ikot Offfiong, Ambia, said to be the most serene part of Calabar metropolitan city, with a clean, beautiful, well developed infrastructure, hospitable and good safety and security facility.

The Green City Estate which will be fully flagged off in August, currently houses a number of two to three bedroom apartments spread over three bays, just as duplexes are also been developed. Apart from the planned modification of the existing structures to meet the green city codes, the management of the city plans to develop additional 140 future homes within the next 12 months.

Dr. Adedayo Felix, Acting Managing Director of the firm, said the project is conceived out of determination and strong planning, and is set out to offer residents huge avenue of cozy, luxurious and healthy living. He further stated that a stay in the city will guarantee total rejuvenation and access to neighbourhood centres.

The estate will boast of clean environment, clean energy, sound infrastructure, green areas, neighbourhood parks and guests’ houses for visitors. It will also be all encompassing as it will also be a host to event centres, educational institutions for residents’ children, auto garage, pharmacy, city security, city – wide security fence and future homes to mention but a few.

Adedayo, therefore, urged investors to take advantage of the opportunity by investing in its facilities like real estate, commercial stores, entertainment centres, hospitality/extended – stay facilities, staff housing scheme, student hostels and independent rental homes because it is offering the best opportunity to reap huge financial returns from minimum investment.

The minimum investment in the green city housing development opportunities is N5 million which is projected to generate 100 per cent return on investment by the end of five years.

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