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Company News Appoints Shola Adekoya as New CEO


Nigeria’s largest online mall company, Konga Online Shopping Limited, has announced the appointment of Mr. Shola Adekoya, as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He takes over from the founder and former CEO, Sim Shagaya, who now serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Mr Adekoya is a seasoned professional with over 17 years of business and management experience in finance, telecom, logistics retail and transportation across Europe and Africa.

As the new CEO, Adekoya will manage the day-to-day affairs at and will work with the company’s board of directors to further solidify the company’s leadership position in Nigeria’s e-commerce industry, as well as identify new business opportunities and prepare for the emerging 4th Industrial Revolution.

The new 4th Industrial digital technology revolution isall about the new “Internet of Things”that will influence consumer behavior and usher in shifts such as an improved e-commerce platform that delivers a new and robust interactive shopping experience to consumers.

Mr. Adekoya joined Konga Online Shopping Limited in 2013, as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and later moved to become the Chief Operating Officer at the company.

He has played critical roles behind the scene in bringing to the forefront of e-commerce and retail trade in Nigeria, with innovative online retail programs and sales strategies, all of which are improving the overall customer satisfaction levels with regards the online shopping experience in Nigeria.

Prior to joining, Adekoya was in-charge of financial planning and budgeting at Etisalat Nigeria; a dynamic Nigerian telecom operator. Adekoya also worked as a business integrator in with several other international organisations including; Ciena UK, UK-HomeOffice, Transport for London, Orion Media Marketing, London River service and many others.

He also worked with Vodafone Group across 8 European countries in developing Internet and data driven revenue streams, as well as cross-country consolidation of technology platforms to optimize operations and improve business economics.

“I look forward to our continued efforts at advancing the development of new and innovative consumer solutions in Konga. We are committed to delivering excellent experience to our customers and I believe that we will be at the forefront of solving Africa’s problems through Technology” said Shola.

“Our overarching business goal is “to be the engine of trace and commerce in Africa” and this simply means that we will heavily contribute to economic development and influence how trading is done in Africa. We will introduce new retail and marketplace strategies to ensure the seamless delivery of an engaging interactive shopping experience to consumers online”.

About is Nigeria’s largest online mall. The company launched in July 2012 with a mission, ‘To Become the Engine of Commerce and Trade in Africa’.

The company has recorded very rapid growth and in just over 3 years, has built an operation that leads the market in customer satisfaction, merchandise shipped and innovation.

The company began operations as a first party retailer investing in inventory and infrastructure to support the birth of e-commerce in the region. The company has now evolved to become Nigeria’s most vibrant online marketplace with close to 40,000 merchants registered and selling on the platform.

With over 250,000 products listed on the site, spanning various categories including Phones, Computers, Clothing, Shoes, Home Appliances, Books, healthcare, Baby Products, personal care and much more; is Nigeria’s largest online marketplace.

Konga has offices in Lagos, hubs in South Africa and China; with warehouses and distribution centers all over Nigeria.

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