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The 39th Annual Conference/General Assembly, African Insurance Organisation (AIO)

African insurance professionals and their partners from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia will converge on Khartoum, Sudan from 27th to 30th May, 2012 for the 39th Annual Conference & General Assembly of the African Insurance Organsation (AIO).
Organized by AIO, this year’s conference will be a determinant moment for the African insurance industry, given the issues to be handled.
The theme of this year’s conference which is “Challenges and Opportunities of Micro-takaful and Micro-insurance in Africa” gives the conference a particular touch, being the first time that Takaful will be discussed at any AIO Conference while Sudan will also be hosting the conference for the first time as well.

I am Privileged and honored to Invite you to the 39th (A.I.O) Conference and General Assembly holding in Khartoum- Sudan From 27th to 30th May 2012 The Sudanese Insurance Industry Wishes to Associate With the aims and Objectives of (A.I.O) and Pledges their continued support and Co- Operation for the Development of the African Insurance Industry especially during this Global Financial Crisis and its impact on the Industry. This is the first time that the Republic of Sudan will host (A.I.O) Conference however we assure you that we will make your stay a pleasant one. I wish to take this opportunity – on behalf of the Sudanese Insurance Industry -to welcome all our friends and colleagues participating in this conference and assure you that all arrangements have been made to ensure that we host a successful conference.
Long live A.I.O.  (Long live African Integration)

Hassan Al Sayed Mohamed
Member of the A.I.O Executive Committee
Chairman, Organizing Committee, Sudan 2012


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