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‘Smart City Solutions Indispensable for Tackling Urbanisation Challenge’

Carl Wright, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) has called for urgent and smart use of technology to help address the ever-growing global urbanisation challenge.

“Although the trend towards decentralised government in Commonwealth countries continues, urban centres also continue to grow, with greater need for efficiency in areas such as energy, public transport and other services, and smart city solutions through better use of technology will be essential to making our cities more efficient,”

Wright said during a lecture he delivered on smart cities at the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) in London.

The lecture was part of the CTO’s new monthly lecture series initiated by host Secretary-General, Shola Taylor earlier this year.

“The CLGF provides unique support to local government authorities and communities in our member countries. They have a unique understanding of the growing social and demographic urban challenge as more rural and semi-urban populations continue to migrate to larger urban centres. Through e-government and other technology-centric solutions, ICTs provide us with opportunities to manage this change more effectively,” said Taylor.

Present at the two-hour event were representatives of high commissions and industry.

CLGF works to promote and strengthen democratic local government across the Commonwealth and to encourage the exchange of best practice – through conferences and events, projects and research. Working with national and local governments to support the development of democratic values and good local governance.

As a Commonwealth organisation, CLGF draws on the influential network of the Commonwealth that provides a solid basis for its programmes and activities.

As an associated organisation officially recognised by Commonwealth Heads of Government, CLGF is well-placed to influence policy development and lead on democracy and good governance at local level.

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