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Most Influential Global CEOs for World Business Forum in New York

“Mr. Emotional Intelligence”- Daniel Coleman

The world’s indisputable authority on emotional intelligence, Daniel Coleman and other global thought leaders will be presenting their latest insights at the prestigious World Business Forum at Lincoln Centre New York from November 14-15.

Coleman will be revealing how to cultivate the internal and interpersonal integration necessary to be a wise leader, the competencies essential for self-management and high performance, how to harness the power of self-awareness as a building block for professional development, and what it takes to develop resonant leadership – the foundation for sustainable 21st century organisations. It will all be wrapped up in his presentation on Brainpower: Mindsight and Emotional Intelligence in Leadership.

Daniel Coleman is among an elite roll call of renowned speakers that also includes among others: Harvard Professor Sarah Lewis, former GE CEO Jeff Immelt, Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman, renowned entrepreneur Arianna Huffington and Seth Godin, author of one of the most popular blogs in the world.

The world’s most recognised authority on emotional intelligence, Coleman’s contributions to the field of psychology have had a transformational impact on the world of business and beyond. He has been named by the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times as one of their most influential business thinkers and is the author of numerous bestselling books including Emotional Intelligence and Focus.

His 2014 bestseller, Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, argues that leadership that gets results demands a triple focus: on ourselves; on others, for our relationships; and on the outer forces that shape organisations and society.

Coleman noted that “If you can´t have empathy and have efficient relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.”

Each year, the World Business Forum offers the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by some the world’s most renowned figures from business and beyond – a blend of content composed of CEOs, entrepreneurs, innovators, thinkers, artists and athletes. In a world of information overload, World Business Forum focuses on the issues most relevant to today’s business people, stimulating new thinking and inspiring action.

In 2018 the World Business Forum NYC is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Since its first edition in 2004, the world has undergone incredible change. In that time we have seen new technologies, new movements, new business models emerge that have radically altered how business is done.

Through these times of profound and disruptive change, the World Business Forum has consistently provided the ideas, learning and inspiration to help leaders navigate their biggest challenges and take their organizations forward.

The 2018 program will be exploring the idea of “exponentialism”. As technological advancement accelerates transformation, we are at an inflection point where the traditional ways of doing business are becoming rapidly obsolete.

For leaders and organisations capable of making the shift from an incremental to an exponential mindset there lies within your grasp the opportunity to drive unprecedented growth; to empower radical innovation; to liberate true potential; to engage at incredible speed and scale; to execute on ever-more ambitious visions.

Special VIP pricing and early bird offer for CEOs and business leaders is available till October 5th.

A number of leading CEOs from Africa are also expected to join other business leaders from America, Europe and Asia.

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