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Internet Addiction

Time changes rapidly as global levels have taken up a paramount air for Internet accessibility. This appears to be the mind language of every busy lad on the street.
The sudden grasp and emergence of GSM in Nigeria in the last decade can be described as a cycle for speed communication that has enhanced business friendliness, family ties, trade alliances and social networking.
In recent times, Internet accessibility has placed customers ringing finger tips on pings, ranging from soft touch on torch screens, ipads and galaxy devices to a ladder of browsing channels. The global forum for reaching out to the world has yielded a faster co-existence in uniformity for all categories.
The blueprint version of cash has slowly diced out slices of proportional value added services reaching out to the world instantly and at any given time. The household name for chatting, messaging and social networking has paged a standard for all ages; technology has now been immensely drawn to a huge advantage on the world market.
The cross sector of customers that storm various mobile top shops and telecom service centres on daily basis on huge demand for one innovative device or additional value for Internet service has grown on the increase while the climax of these are far more insatiable for customers than the inventors.

It is quite appealing that technological devices as these can keep you networking across the world for as long as you can afford. The brighter side of these advancements gives forum for a more accessible mode of providing solutions to related ideas and results.
The experts see this tree as a means of exploring targets and creating a more professional drive for expectations. However, the pages on Internet service, especially here in Nigeria has been perceived as a balloon for ‘show me what you got.’ This is an ideal statement of fact as the technological swing has identified a seamless value on vogue and essence. If you ask me, I’ll tell you about a short encounter I had with a forty-two year old gentleman recently at the galleria. His eyes were fixed closely on his ipad and he smiled at his focus continuously. ‘It’s amazing that I get to view my pictures as clear as ever.’ he said as we bumped at each other sub-consciously.
After the discussion with him, I discovered that the very enthusiasm that surrounds our attention to our latest devices is very motivational, but could be hazardous on wheels, staircases, air and travel.  We are rapidly introducing a pocket load of information that can come in handier at business meetings, seminars and social gathering.
1.    Avoid pinging or chatting on a highway or on the express way at traffic closures. Support devices against illicit crimes, kidnapping, myopic distraction.
2.    Do not place ipads and smart phones at kid’s disposal and always have a protective brace on your devices. Set purpose and social discipline on the use of your devices at social functions etc.
The major motive on Internet addiction has displayed positive enhancement on career, lifestyle and communication. The diverse category for online functions respond rather faster in the minds of our youngsters and has braced up a better forum for learning faster with pictures, information and sounds; this has aided the best possible means at being objective.
Let’s make the best use of our global age, stepping through the sands of time in a network page-setting, paving an achievable sense for brand identification and paying a large sense for accessibility.  This is a positive reaction for reckoning.
It’s not an addiction…. or is it?

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