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Global ICT Leaders to Share Insights at ITU Telecom World 2015

The rapid pace of digital transformation is creating new ecosystems, players and even industries – all holding tremendous potential. But how can this potential be harnessed for the benefit of all?

And what should the top-level priorities be? An outstanding line-up of speakers spanning government, industry, entrepreneurs and innovators at the ITU Telecom World 2015 Leadership Summit on 12 and 13 October, 2015 will debate how best to accelerate ICT innovation, open up the digital economy to all the world’s citizens, and work together to enable digital entrepreneurship as a driving force for socio-economic development.

Speakers include:
Ministers and Regulators: Ali M Abbasov, Minister of Communications and High Technologies; Azerbaijan, Fatima Barros, Chair of BEREC and Chair of the Board, ANACOM; Ali Hassan Bahdon, Minister of Communication, Djibouti; Jurand Drop, Under- Secretary of State, Ministry of Administration and Digitisation, Poland; Begum Tarana Halim, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Bangladesh; Vijayalakshmy K. Gupta, Member, TRAI, India; Jack Hamande, Président du Conseil, IBPT, Belgium; Anusha Rahman Ahmad Khan, Minister of State for Information Technology, Pakistan; Tatjana Matic, State Secretary, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Serbia; Nikolay NikiforovMinister of Telecom and Mass Communications, Russian Federation; Jean Philbert Nsengimana, Minister of Youth and ICT, Rwanda; and Yasuo Sakamoto, Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan.

High-level Industry Representatives:
Helani Galpaya, CEO, LIRNEasia, Sri Lanka; Gordon Graylish, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Intel Corporation; Kevin Martin, Vice President, Public Policy, mobile and global access, Facebook; Gabriela Styf Sjöman, CTO, Telecom Italia; Joy Tan, President, Global Media and Communications, Huawei; Karim Taga, Managing Partner, Arthur D. Little, Austria; and Jeremy Wilks, Producer, Euronews.

Heads of International Organisations, UN Agencies and Academia: Udo Helmbrecht, Executive Director, ENISA; Nicholas Negroponte,
Chairman Emeritus, MIT Media Lab; Cornelia Richter, Director General, GIZ, Germany; James Poisant, Secretary-General, WITSA; Sharad Sapra, Director, Global Innovation Centre, UNICEF; and José Toscano, Director General & CEO, ITSO.

“The Leadership Summit programme gathers together policy makers, decision-takers, strategists and key ICT influencers at the highest level to identify and debate the central issues affecting the industry – from the urgent need to extend access to the digital economy to the 60 per cent of the world currently unconnected, to recognizing and fostering the contribution of SMEs in driving technical and economic innovation and the establishment of digital single markets,“ said ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao.

“As well as sharing their unique insights, the final session of the Summit will see the launch of the Budapest call for action – a global pledge underlining Ministers’ commitment to growing digital entrepreneurship, accelerating socio-economic development, and driving real change.”

Leadership Summit sessions taking place at ITU Telecom World 2015 include:
•Accelerating Digital Innovation for Social Impact
•Integrating digital markets: new building blocks to regional integration
•Connectivity goals, the reality of reaching everyone by 2020 and why it matters so much.

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