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Commonwealth ICT Minister Forum Opens June 14

At their first biennial Commonwealth ICT Forum held in March 2014 in London, ICT ministers of Commonwealth countries mandated the CTO to lead in the following areas:

· Supporting broadband national policies and plans
· Promoting ICT applications in areas such as education, health, and agriculture
· Providing greater coordination of Commonwealth countries’ positions and secure consensus on key international issues i.e. radio spectrum, standards, and Internet governance.

The Commonwealth ICT Ministers Forum 2016 will focus on addressing emerging issues, such as:

· Improving national regulatory environments
· Challenges in achieving universal broadband access
· Opportunities in spectrum management after WRC’15
· Emerging e-applications
· Internet of Things and its policy and regulatory implications
· Cybersecurity and the Sustainable Development Goals
· Internet governance

This year’s event is specifically designed to allow wider participation from industry, civil society and academia, as follows:

· 14 June 2016: Closed-door Ministerial Meeting followed by the 2016 Commonwealth ICT & Industry Awards.
· 15 – 16 June 2016: Open Forum with industry, civil society and academia.

This is a unique opportunity to understand and influence policy and regulatory considerations in over 40 countries at a single event.

Your registration will include the Commonwealth ICT & Industry Awards on 14 June (evening) as well as Open Forum on 15 – 16 June 2016.

About the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation
The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation is the oldest and largest Commonwealth membership organisation in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), and uses its experience and expertise to support members in using ICTs to deliver effective development interventions that enrich, empower, equalise and emancipate people within the Commonwealth and beyond.

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