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ATCON: Broadband Penetration Low in Nigeria

Mr. Olusola Teniola, President, Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria [ATCON] has lamented the current low penetration of Broadband in Nigeria, saying that Broadband today is only accessible to few Nigerians.

“Broadband is at infancy level in Nigeria. It is only accessible to low strata of Nigerians. Affordability is a big issue with Broadband. At the moment, market conditions are responsible for the price gap on Broadband as the government is not in the business of building Broadband. The government only creates the enabling environment”

Teniola listed the three key challenges of Broadband development in the country as accessibility, affordability and availability. He added that the 30 per cent penetration target contained in the National Broadband Development document was mainly for the starting process.

“Now-what of return on investment?. We need content to drive Broadband. The immediate challenge is to get the necessary data to fill the pipes and also overcome the problem of bandwidth price.”

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