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The Maggi Magic Nestlé Redressing Micronutrient Deficiency in Africa with New Maggi Cube

Nestlé sells millions of Maggi cubes and tablets in Africa every day
Millions of consumers across Central and West Africa will be able to increase their iron intake at low cost with a new range of fortified bouillon cubes and tablets from Nestlé.
The company is adding iron to its popular Maggi brand seasonings with the aim of helping to address one of the region’s most widespread micronutrient deficiencies.

Maggi bouillons are a staple part of many lower income consumers’ diets in Central and West Africa.
Already fortified with iodine, more than 100 million cubes and tablets were sold every day in the region in 2011.

Reducing Micro-nutrient Deficiency
Nestlé’s development of the iron-fortified Maggi bouillon is a continuation of its commitment to helping to reduce micronutrient deficiencies on a global scale.
Worldwide, through micronutrient fortification of food products, Nestlé provided 53 billion servings of iron, 102 billion servings of iodine, 35 billion servings of vitamin A and 14 billion servings of zinc in 2011.

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