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Promasidor: Singing the Praise, Value of Tea

Mr. Onyekachi Onubogu, Marketing Director of Promasidor Nigeria Limited- makers of Top Tea, says tea is more affordable than other beverages in the market.

Onubogu said tea is considerably more affordable than any other beverage in the market and gives consumers more value for their money.

“Tea is significantly more affordable than any other beverage in the Nigerian market, a pack of Top Tea for instance will give consumers 26 sachets of tea at the rate of N110.”

He further said that “if a consumer drinks one Top Tea sachet every six hours, the consumer can drink four tea sachets in a day, and if one divides 26 sachets in the pack by four, then one can drink the pack in one week.”


He said “one tea sachet can make two cups of tea which is more tea for consumers. For N110 which is the cost of a pack of Top Tea, we can give consumers tea for one week and that’s less than two bottles of coke. Tea is still the cheapest drink consumer can get whether you are rich or not.”

Over the years, experts have discovered that drinking at least three cups of tea daily may protect against heart attacks and type 2diabetes. A review showed that regular drinking of black tea, with or without milk could reduce the risk of heart problems by cutting levels of bad cholesterol and blood sugar.

The experts said the benefits of tea are largely due to the flavonoid content- antioxidant ingredients that counteract cardiovascular disease. One cup of tea provides 150-200mg of flavonoids and it is the best source of antioxidant in the nation’s diet.

In terms of delivery of antioxidants, two cups of tea is equivalent to five portions of vegetables. These flavonoids found in tea are thought to control inflammation, reduce excess blood clotting promote blood vessel function and limit furring up of the arteries.

Also, according to the Harvard Health publication, “although tea drinking has been associated with health benefits for centuries, only in recent years have its medicinal properties been investigated scientifically.

The publication also noted the healthy power of tea but stressed that its health benefits are largely due to its high content of flavonoids, which are plant-derived compounds that are antioxidants.

Studies have found an association between consuming tea and a reduced risk for several cancers, including, skin, breast, lung, colon, esophageal, and bladder.

The publication listed additional benefits for regular consumers of tea to include reduced risk for heart disease. This is because the antioxidants in tea can help block the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol, increase HDL (good) cholesterol and improve artery function.

A Chinese study published recently in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed a 46 per cent to 65 per cent reduction in hypertension risk in regular consumers of tea compared to non-consumers of tea.

Top Tea was launched in April 1998 to satisfy consumers’ demand for high quality and high infusion rate tea. In 2009, PromasidorNigeriatook a strategic decision to reposition it as a more contemporary and trendier brand.

Recently, the company also launched two additional flavours of Top Tea: Lemon-lime and ginger flavoured tea to provide an opportunity for health to meet taste. The new flavours are expected to add fun and excitement to tea drinking in the country

Onubogu added that the company also launched its regular tea (Top Tea) in square tea bags, one option with tags only and the other with tags and envelopes. He added that the tags are essentially to provide more convenience for consumers.

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