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Olashore’s Lead Advisory Emerges Nigeria’s 1st Strategic Partner to WCF Forum

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WCF, the world’s biggest communication Forum in Davos, Switzerland, has applauded Olashore’s Lead Advisory Partners as the first Nigerian strategic partner in the history of the Forum.

Lead Advisory, a specialised consultancy providing in-depth strategy, top level advise and sound execution guidelines to discerning corporate clients in Nigeria, has entered into a strategic partnership with WCF Davos Switzerland, for the 2016 World Communication Forum.

Lead Advisory, a sister company of Olashore’s Lead Capital, is thus the first company in its class and the first ever business advisory consultancy to be a strategic partner to the 2016 WCF Forum, holding at the Davos Congress Centre, the same location as the World Economic Forum.

The Chairman & CEO of Lead Advisory Prince Bimbo Olashore, stated that the Davos Forum was a perfect fit for Lead Advisory.

“The spread of attendance, the high intellectual level of engagement and the focus of the forum to seek out practical Commmunications solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges, all fall in harmony with Lead Advisory’s solution providing posturing.

“In addition, we see this Forum as a great platform to highlight the opportunities in Nigeria to a global audience and demonstrate how the business success fundamentals of market identification, effective communications and flawless execution can also be activated in Nigeria. Lead Advisory will also be sharing the core messages and learnings from the Forum with the Nigerian public. It is crucial that we stay well informed with key developments and trends around the world and evaluate their impact on the Nigerian socio-political landscape. ”

In a special welcome note to Olashore’s Lead Advisory, Yanina Dubeykovskaya, Founder & Content Director of the Forum in Davos, Switzerland, applauded Lead as a great valuable new partner in its 7th year edition.

“We welcome the Lead Advisory Company in Nigeria as a strategic partner. The WCF in Davos is glad to enlarge the geography of the event, while including the Lead Advisory as the first Nigerian strategic partner in the history of the Forum.

“We consider the partnership with Lead Advisory and therefore the expanding of the geography of the Forum as an important step in fulfilling our main purpose. The most important idea of the Forum is to create an open world for communication and united development. Having Lead Advisory as our influential partners in Nigeria is only the first step in communication development with the leaders of African markets. We are sure it will build the positive tendency for further growth.”

WCF is the world’s biggest Communication Forum and it is starting from 8th March in Davos Switzerland. Communication professionals, CEOs, representatives of ministries, global business practitioners and some of the world’s most influential communications personalities will get together to discuss the key trends in global business communications.

The programme provides a diversified content and publicity opportunities for experts with out-of-the-box vision for the future of the industry. The participants will find out how to add meaning, integrate interests, how to engage the globe, how to manage crisis situations and much more.

The focus of this year’s edition of the forum will be on the global communication agenda. WCF-Davos’2016 includes a number of presently relevant topics, among which are: Country Branding, Communicating Inter-Governmental Brands, Education in Communications, Global Tourism, from digital evolution to Robot revolution and How to be prepared for the future
WCF is an annual global event held at the Davos Congress Centre in Switzerland. Initiated by an International Coordinating Committee, it has united a great number of acknowledged professionals from over 55 countries worldwide.

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