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Flutterwave Re-brands, Looks Beyond Payments

Flutterwave, the leading technology company, has unveiled a significant re-brand and identity at Flutterwave 3.0, a virtual event held last Friday.

Following the announcement of a $250 million Series D funding recently, Flutterwave is now rolling out its new and reimagined identity, to affirm its commitment to creating endless possibilities for all, through technology, as well as introducing new products and services that take the technology leader beyond payments.

During the Flutterwave 3.0 event, streamed across Youtube, the brand launched a series of products, including;

A Fintech as a Service (FaaS) solution which helps startups of all sizes quickly become Fintech companies using Flutterwave’s pre-built API and solutions.

Capital, a technology platform for businesses & consumers to access Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) & Merchant lending from regulated and certified credit providers.

Grow, a B2B product that helps entrepreneurs easily incorporate their businesses globally.

Checkout, a new checkout experience that is 5x faster, reducing drop-off by 60%.

Card issuing, technology platform to enable businesses to issue both Mastercard virtual and physical debit/prepaid cards to their customers in partnership with Mastercard. These solutions remain subject to regulatory approval.

Additional improvements to existing products include; a new powerful dashboard, Barter v4, and an AI-powered compliance process. The Flutterwave visual rebrand comes with 6 new primary colours which depict creativity, motivation, passion, ease, robustness and eagerness.

Flutterwave launched in 2016, initially building innovative financial infrastructure to enable payments for banks and institutions, before expanding into checkouts and gateways for businesses of all sizes. Having invested in and built out a suite of products and services targeted at both consumers and businesses, Flutterwave has gone on to serve over 900,000 merchants, process over 200 million transactions worth over $16 billion to date, across 34 countries in Africa, which has led to the company becoming one of Africa’s earliest unicorns in March 2021.

Friday’s event saw Flutterwave affirm its commitment to explore more areas of growth for businesses, startups and individuals. The move comes after a significant diversification of products in 2021, whereby the company announced the acquisition of Disha, a creator platform where creatives can receive money from across the world for their craft. In the same year, Flutterwave went on to introduce Market, an extension of its e-commerce solution, Store to improve visibility and by extension, revenue for small businesses. Alongside global Afrobeats superstar Wizkid, in December Flutterwave launched a remittance solution, Send, to help anyone in the world send and receive money.

“We’re growing and for us, payments have become a means to an end.” Founder and CEO, Olugbenga GB Agboola, said, “Every part of our lives includes some form of transaction. Beyond powering those transactions, we want to also create those transactions. We want to help event organizers seamlessly register and sell out their events, we want to help artists receive money for their craft, we want to help entrepreneurs incorporate their businesses, we want to help startups build financial technology products easily and we want to create endless possibilities for all through technology. Our new identity is a system that recognises how far we’ve come in our mission. It gives us space to include all of our dreams and aspirations for businesses and customers. It gives us the freedom to do and be more. We’re excited for this new chapter in our growth.”

Head of Branding and Storytelling, Yewande Akomolafe-Kalu said, “We always wanted to simplify payments for endless possibilities for our customers. Over time, we’ve come to see that the story of our impact goes well beyond payments. We understand how important it is to embrace the full story of our journey and make it a part of our identity. We’re excited to create endless possibilities through technology.”

VP of Design, Flutterwave, Ted Oladele said, “During our first ever rebrand meeting, we asked ourselves; how much does our brand communicate who we are? We discovered we were confining ourselves to a single story of our brand when we were much bigger than that. This new brand is freedom. It enables us to create solutions that help people, whether payments or not. It recognises our growth and actively asks us to do more.”

This rebrand showcases Flutterwave as a technology company enabling growth and creating endless possibilities for all.


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