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Boko Haram: Nigeria Lost $9bn Since 2011

A study conducted by the Federal Government of Nigeria and various investors revealed that terrorist attacks Boko Haram has been carrying out in the 6 states in North-Eastern part of Nigeria since 2011 have cost the country $9 billion.

The study is yet to be released however its first figures were disclosed in a statement published on April 4 by the office of Nigeria’s vice-president, Yemi Osinbajo.

The study is the produce of the Nigeria Recovery and Peace Building Assessment, an intervention program in the six North-Eastern states involving World Bank, European Union and the United Nations. “At least $6 billion is needed for immediate and near-term stabilisation,” Osinbajo’s office said in its statement.

The on-field damage assessment which was carried out in each of the six States was based on education, water, housing, sanitation, public building, energy, environment, transport, economy and trade.

Boko Haram up till now killed more than 20,000 and caused close to 3 million Nigerians to leave their homes.
The jihadist insurgency has for goal the adoption of sharia and establishment of caliphate.

The sect which is led by Abubakar Shekau and was categorised as a terrorist organisation by the United Nations Security Council in May 2014, pledged allegiance in March 2015 to the Islamic State (IS).

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