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10 African Nations in Top 100 Countries with Biggest Gold Reserves

According to a report published by World Gold Council on March 11, ten African countries are listed in the Top 100 of countries with largest gold reserves.

Algeria (25th worldwide) is first in Africa with a reserve of 173.6 tons. South Africa (29th worldwide) with 125.2 tons, Libya (31st worldwide with 116.6 tons), Egypt (41st with 75.6 tons), Morocco (59th with 22 tons), Nigeria (61st with 21.4 tons), Mauritius (70th with 8.9 tons, Ghana (71st 8.7 tons), Tunisia (77th with 6.8 tons) and Mozambique (86th with 3.4 tons) follow.

The report which is based on data collected in December 2015 and updated March-beginning, states that U.S. with 8,133.5 tons is first in the world. Germany (3,381 tons), IMF (2,814 tons), Italy (2,451.8 tons) and France (2,435.6 tons) are the four remaining closing the top five.

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