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STACO Insurance CEO, Wale Banmore, Charges Staff to Drive Corporate Growth in 2024

Dr. Wale Banmore, the Managing Director/CEO of STACO Insurance Plc has challenged the management and staff of the underwriting firm to consider 2024 as the year to drive sustainable growth of the company across key market indices.

In a new year message to the staff, Banmore stated that he and the executive management team had already set the tone for 2024 during the company’s budget retreat.

“Towards the end of the year 2023, you may all recollect that the tone for 2024 was set by myself and the Executive Management Team at our budget retreat. And to re-emphasise same, l would say that 2023 was a year to test our capabilities and capacity industry-wise, customer-wise and regulatory-wise. To which, l can boldly say we scored 3/3. This brings us to 2024 and l will advise you make it our theme, motto and prophecy that we have been accepted by the market and the real race has just begun.”

The STACO Insurance CEO said that while the target in 2023 was to survive and be accepted in the 3-tiers stated earlier, 2024 is the time to “restore full-on competition with our peers and push for a win in 2024.”

He congratulated the management and staff of the company for making it to 2024.

“In conclusion, l would like to say it is always an honour and privilege for me to lead this great people and organisation and will not rest on my oars until we are up there together. Welcome to 2024 great people of STACO Insurance Plc. It is our year of being at the top.”

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