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‘Reappointment of OPEC Scribe, Barkindo, a Factor of Stability for Global Oil Markets’

The African Energy Chamber (EnergyChamber.org) salutes the re-appointment of H.E. Mohammed Barkindo as Secretary General of OPEC as a factor of stability for African and global oil markets.
Secretary General Barkindo has managed to keep OPEC united as an organisation under very unstable times and a deep crisis in commodity prices. His leadership and diplomacy has restored market stability and successfully sealed landmark agreements like that of the Declaration of Cooperation between OPEC and non-OPEC member countries.
More importantly for our continent, it is under Secretary General Barkindo that OPEC gained its two newest African members, Equatorial Guinea in 2017 and the Republic of Congo in 2018.

Last year, he was awarded the Africa Oil Man of the Year award by Africa Oil & Power for prioritising of co-operation in turbulent times, for stabilising oil markets and for raising the voice of Africa on the global energy stage.
“The extension of H.E. Mohammed Barkindo’s mandate as Secretary General for another term is excellent news. It is well-deserved and a result of the trust he has gained from the entire global energy community,” declared NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the Chamber and CEO of the Centurion Law Group.

“Secretary Barkindo has maintained faith in the future of the oil & gas industry, he picks the right battles and fights them with courage. As the race towards stability continues, his sense of team work will continue building the bridges our industry needs to achieve greater prosperity.”

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