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Quartz Innovators Summit 2O16 Set for July 2O

Quartz’s Africa Innovators Summit returns to Nairobi, Kenya on Wednesday, July 20th to celebrate the thought leaders and entrepreneurs innovating across the continent. The event’s honorees and speakers include:

Smockey (Serge Bambara), hip-hop artist and co-founder of Le Balai Citoyen (The Citizen Broom), Burkina Faso
Wanjiru “Ciiru” Waweru, founder and CEO of FunKidz Limited, Kenya
· Matsi Modise, managing director of SiMODiSA, South Africa
· Wanuri Kahiu, award-winning film director and science fiction writer, Kenya
· Wilfred Ndifon, scientist and founder, International Institute of Computational and Systems Immunology, Cameroon
· Winnifred Selby, co-founder of Afrocentric Bamboo, Ghana
· Agosta Liko, founder and CEO of PesaPal, Kenya

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