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NLNG Debunks Misleading Claims of Total Shutdown

Our attention has been drawn to a Thisday newspaper report on 12th November 2023 titled “Gas Supply Constraints May Worsen in Nigeria, Europe as NLNG Embarks on Plant Maintenance by February 2024.”

The report alluded to an alleged total shutdown of Nigeria LNG Limited’s (NLNG’s) six-train plant over a proposed maintenance operation scheduled for February or March 2024.

NLNG categorically states that this report is false. The Company’s commitment to the safe and uninterrupted functioning of its plant underscores the significance of routine turnaround maintenance, referred to technically as a “Shutdown.”

Contrary to the report’s assertions, a routine turnaround maintenance, while temporarily taking a specific train or unit offline for maintenance purposes, does not entail a complete shutdown of the entire plant. The meticulous planning and execution of this essential activity allows for the seamless transfer of production loads to unaffected trains, resulting in minimal impact on overall production. The “shutdown” alluded to in the report is a routine turnaround maintenance and is part of NLNG’s production calendar.

NLNG takes exception to the disconcerting lack of factual accuracy in the report, highlighting the evident absence of discretion. The company emphasises its track record of global achievements during turnaround maintenance, consistently setting high standards in safety and project management to ensure the continued operational efficiency of its assets.

A classic example of NLNG’s achievements is the deployment of the Add-On Gate Valve (AOGV) technology in 2022 which involved the replacement of a critical valve while the plant remained online and active. NLNG plant was the first in Africa to implement this technology and its 36” line was the largest pipe size across the globe that the AOGV has ever been deployed on. It is this kind of engineering excellence and unparalleled maintenance execution discipline that NLNG is known for.

The report was not fact-based and was deprived of any balance, in contradiction to the ethics of responsible journalism, as no spokesperson of the Company was reached for comments.

In light of these discrepancies, NLNG urges for accuracy in conveying the nuanced details of the energy industry.

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