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Insurance Fraud Management Forum Set for Berlin May, 12

An insurance fraud management forum is set for Berlin, Germany from May 12, 2O16.

Benefits of Attending
The gathering will bring senior professionals together in one place mainly to debate the increasing prevalence and complexity of insurance fraud;

It will prepare those fighting against fraud for the challenges of the digital age.

You will meet industry leaders from Zurich Insurance, AXA, GENERALI, RSA Group, Baloise, Achmea, Warta, Dekra, Swiss Re, e.t.c. and learn the most progressive strategies to detect, investigate and prevent insurance fraud for maximum competitive advantage.

You will have the opportunity to build valuable business relationships at our interactive sessions.

you can share your experiences and ideas with our high level attendees through networking.

Don’t get left behind. Register here today to take advantage of this opportunity.

Insurance fraud today & tomorrow: Evolving trends and the challenge to manage them
Who are the fraudsters? Advanced profiling techniques for fraud mitigation
Ensuring compliance to developing regulatory requirements whilst successfully mitigating fraud
Effectively countering insurance fraud at the cross-border level
Excellence in fraud mitigation through raising public awareness of the consequences of insurance fraud
Bringing fraud investigation to the next level by leveraging the most advanced technologies
Promoting an anti-fraud culture at all levels of the organisation for improved fraud prevention
Operational excellence for successful mitigating Internet fraud

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