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‘AMCON Killed AERO Contractors’


A senior management staff of Aero Contractors has alleged that the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria [AMCON] was the brain behind the recent indefinite suspension of scheduled air services by Aero Contractors, the nation’s second largest airline.

The official alleged that the management of AMCON connives with the former management of Aero to siphon vital revenue from the airline, making it difficult for Aero to meet basic day-to-day operational needs.

The Aero top management staff told Business Journal: “If you want to know what happened to Aero, go to AMCON because the AMCON people were working with former management of Aero to siphon funds meant for the running of the airline. It is an open secret at the airline but nobody could speak up to avoid being sacked. Buhari cannot be fighting corruption without looking at AMCON. They are more corrupt than the politicians the EFCC is running after. I can tell you clearly that AMCON killed Aero Contractors.”

Business Journal made spirited efforts to reach Mr. Jude Nwauzor, Head of Corporate Communication at AMCON for clarification on the allegation. He did not respond to phone calls and SMS sent to his phone line.

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