Main One Cable Company has upgraded the lit capacity on its undersea fiber optic cable system with an additional 20 Gbps between Lagos, Nigeria and Seixal Portugal, and the deployment of an additional bank of multiple 10 Gbps wavelengths ready for implementation on demand.

This upgrade was necessary to meet the growing demand for bandwidth on the Main One network and represents the third capacity upgrade of the network since Main One’s launch in June 2010. With this upgrade, Main One is positioned as the undersea cable system carrier with the highest lit capacity in West Africa – more than 12 times the capacity of the incumbent operator and higher than other existing and planned operators.
Main One has grown its network’s lit capacity to accommodate the ever growing demand for the region’s Internet and international plus cross border transport capacity services
With this capacity upgrade, Main One is better able to meet the growing needs of its customers, and can ensure that every customer’s traffic carried on our network is securely and dependably transported.