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UNDP Report 2015: Highlights of Development Support to Nigeria

The challenges that Nigeria faced throughout 2015, and indeed continues to face, are enormous but not insurmountable. With a clear vision, strong institutions and innovative approaches, the obstacles can be hurdled.

To this end, the country continues to open its doors to new partners and ideas on how best to surmount its difficulties. With UNDP’s global knowledge network and expertise, we stand ready to avail our partnership and support in the coming years, as we have in years past. 

Our focus will be on: transforming the country’s economy into one that is more inclusive and sustainable; supporting efforts that enable democracy to deliver development dividends; and managing risks to render people safer and communities more resilient to confront the dangers posed by natural and man-made disasters, climate change and environmental degradation.

This report highlights ways in which UNDP supported the government and people of Nigeria and contributed towards the attainment of its long term development goals.

Our work and achievements recorded during the past year relied on collaboration with a wide range of partners at both State and Federal levels. These partners were key to identifying evidence-based and innovative development solutions, which made our successes possible.

Going forward, UNDP will build on the accomplishments realised, the support and partnerships we enjoyed and lessons learned from our work in 2015 and preceding years.

We will remain focused on our core mandate areas, where we have clear comparative advantage, to ensure that our support yields the best results. 

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