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Olashore Lancaster Foundation Commences UK Trip

Olashore school

Olashore Lancaster Foundation Students is set to commence their trip to the United Kingdom [UK].

The trip which is scheduled to hold between March 5th and 19th is organised in partial fulfillment of the Lancaster University Foundation Programme (LUFP) qualification.

The Foundation is an off-shoot of a globally acclaimed secondary school institution in Nigeria, Olashore International School.
The purpose of the Foundation programme is to provide students with the necessary skills needed to go on to study for an undergraduate Bachelor Degree at Lancaster or any UK University.

Students embarking on this programme would spend one year in Olashore International School, Nigeria and three (3) years at Lancaster University or any UK University. The Lancaster University Foundation Programme (LUFP) welcomed its first students in October 2007 and has had over 100 students join universities across the UK and beyond.

Some of the unique features of the Olashore Lancaster Foundation programme includes study skill sessions, academic and cultural orientation trip to UK Universities, opportunity to apply to five UK Universities, guaranteed progression to UK universities, visa processing support, ensuite accommodation and the learning environment is safe and serene.

According to the Programme Co-ordinator, M.r H.B. Rufai, “the Olashore foundation programme is well known, approved and accepted by UK universities. Lecturers from Lancaster University visit Nigeria in November and June for an intensive study skills sessions during the one year programme at Olashore. Applicants must have completed secondary education with good grades in WASSCE before they can enroll for the One-year foundation programme, and when the programme is half way, the students are taken abroad for taster lectures, volunteering programs and community development.”

The school principal, Mr D.K. Smith, emphasised on the essence of the Lancaster University Foundation Programme (LUFP):
“The idea of the Lancaster Foundation came up after working in affiliation with Lancaster for few years, under the leadership of the former principal. The essence is to allow for easy and smooth transition from here in Lancaster University or any University in the UK through the help of this foundation programme. Lancaster University has existed for more than 50 years now, and has progressed to being one of the top 10 universities in the UK consistently. Based on the award we got in year 2015 that has positioned Olashore as one of the ten top schools here in Nigeria, we want to affiliate ourselves with top schools.”

Established in 1994, on 60 acres of land, Olashore International School is a co-educational school which offers high calibre education in a wide range of subjects.

It is one of Nigeria’s leading boarding schools, is particularly appealing to discerning Nigerians at home and abroad, as well as expatriates residing in Nigeria, who desire a school with a strong value system, proven track record and a clear sense of purpose.

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