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New Naira Notes: Customers Groan as Banks Shut Down ATMs!

Godwin Emefiele


Central Bank of Nigeria

Bank customers are complaining bitterly as ATMs run dry, resulting in inability to source the new naira notes from bank ATMs as the January 31, 2023 deadline by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on old Naira notes loom.

Checks by Business Journal today around Ikotun area of Lagos revealed that virtually all the banks restricted their customers from accessing their ATMS to access the new Naira notes.

Secondly, customers that tried to withdraw from inside the banking hall were also given old Naira notes, resulting in many of them expressing shock and anger at the development.

An insider staff in one of the second-generation banks confided in Business Journal that the banks had no choice but to shut down their ATMs because they lack the new notes to load into the ATMs for customers to access as before.

To get the response of the CBN on the situation, Business Journal made several calls to Corporate Communications personnel at the CBN in Abuja without getting through.

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