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Mutual Benefits Assurance: 2O Years of Creating Value!

Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc is 2O!

At the 2Oth Anniversary thanksgiving in Lagos, Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi, Group Managing Director/CEO of Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc, went down memory lane on the divine birth and growth path of the leading insurance firm in the past two decades.

“Our God divinely led us to take the responsibility to sieve the opportunities and bring the values of insurance to the doorsteps of our teeming population in Nigeria and even beyond.Mutual cares

We have become pathfinders into a new dawn for insurance in Africa and trailblazers for creating massive employment, empowering citizens by generating income at the bottom of the pyramid and developing our rural communities.”

Reflecting on the company’s historic journey since 1995, Ogunbiyi said: “It has been 2O years of abundance—strength, power, protection, wealth, guidance, wisdom and life. We Thank God for all the people he has providentially used to nurture the seed into a conglomerate today.”

The Mutual Benefits GMD said with “brand Mutual, we have broken the bond of misery and helped people to help themselves.

Through value-adding hardwork, we enhance and boost the wealth of the rich. At the same time, we help the hardworking poor to cast-off the chains of poverty and climb steadily up the ladder of sustainable progress.”

He added that the Mutual team has demystified the misconception that the business of spreading risks to promote investments can only thrive in the formal sector of the economy.

“The whole of Africa has adjudged Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc as the ‘Most Innovative Insurance Company in Africa’ because today, we have successfully used our strategic resources to purposely play and add value in the informal sector.”

Emphasising the divine bent of the company, Ogunbiyi declared:
“The promise of Mutual Benefits was born with the bold conviction that the Almighty God will go before us and make the crooked places straight. God Almighty rose in defence of the company against all trials, tribulations, conspiracies, challenges from all and every quarter and gave us many victories. Mutual: God’s Work-in-Progress.”

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