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Kenya Plans $127m Fund to Boost Cyber-security in 2016

Kenya cyber security

According to the 2016 report by International Data Corporation (IDC) relayed by The Nation, government of Kenya increased by 15% its budget for cyber-security.

Indeed, Kshs. 13 billion ($127,400,000) disbursed this year for the fight against cyber criminality. The ramping up of budget falls in line with presidential directive aiming to protect the state’s computer system from any criminal intrusion.

Last October, President Uhuru Kenyatta demanded that all State’s institutions and ministries establish cyber-security divisions coordinated by one authority, so that government is no more vulnerable to cyber threats.

He also requested that ICT ministry elaborates and establish directives for a better management of prices, standards, quality and volume in terms of ICT equipment.

According to IDC’s 2015 cyber-security on Kenya, attacks by hackers have cost Kenya Kshs. 15 billion ($147 million). Asides companies, public sector was most affected.

By boosting cyber-security, Kenya aims to protect its important data and also block any intrusion susceptible to preventing the country from achieving its socio-economic growth goals.

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