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‘Kari Qualified as Commissioner for Insurance’

Two classmates of Alhaji Mohammed Kari, Commissioner for Insurance, National Insurance Commission (NAICOM), Mr. Omotayo Dada and Mr. Olugbenga Falekulo have jointly debunked allegations by a group ‘Concerned Insurance professionals’ that Kari did not obtain the qualifications he claimed to possess. The group also asserted that in view of that, he (Kari) is not qualified to occupy the office of Commissioner for Insurance, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

But in a rebuttal, both Dada and Falekulo confirmed that Kari did indeed possess the necessary qualifications. Their rebuttal is published below:


Our attention was drawn to recent circulations on the authenticity of the ACII qualifications of Mohammed Kari, the Commissioner for Insurance of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by an obscure collection of faceless persons called ‘’Concerned Insurance Professionals.

 From our conclusion, this allegation is a baseless misinformation aimed at maligning the reputation of Alhaji Kari.

We the undersigned wish to aver that it is an incontrovertible fact that Mohammed Kari is a renowned insurance practitioner of many years’ experience and has been an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute, London since 1987.

We would have expected the so called Concerned Insurance Professionals to see the futility in their mischievous propaganda, after our esteemed Institute, the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN) released the evidence of Mohammed’s professional certificates. They have instead continued in a hatred-ridden mission with a view to delude the unsuspecting public into believing false and spurious allegations.

We intend by this response to put to rest this distraction which the industry can least afford in view of the already bad publicity it is getting from other sources.

We were classmates and housemates of Mohammed when he attended the Glasgow College of Technology, Glasgow, UK (now Caledonian University).

Institutions around the world offer courses and training for students sitting for Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) examinations but certification is only issued by the institute on completion and election to successful students.

The same applies to students who may have pursued their qualification in other institutions or by private studies. Because the intention of these faceless persons was a sinister mission, they chose to ignore this simple fact that nowhere in the profile referred did Mohammed claim he had obtained his ACII from the University or in 1984.

It is common knowledge that the search facility on the CII London’s website would not show the details of a member who has opted out from the display of his detail. The following is conspicuously printed on the memberssearch page.

 In this case, Mohammed opted to restrict appearance of his name in searches. If the group actually had good intentions, they could have formally contacted him for his PIN or contacted the CII, London for confirmation of his Associateship.

For all we know they have the correct facts but would rather impugn the character of this recognised professional

We can unequivocally state that we were Mohammed’s classmates and housemates in Glasgow and he is bona fide Chartered Member of the CII as evidenced by his membership card and a search at the CII. He has since removed the opt-outto shame the mischief makers.

But for the evident malice, simple enquiries could have been made at the CII for confirmation.

Having been a qualified member of the Chartered Insurance Institute, London by Examination since 1987, he is therefore an eminently fit and proper person for the position of the Commissioner for Insurance which he currently occupies.

He is known to be a strict operator, someone who would defend the insurance profession with all he has and he has continued to do his best to sanitise the industry inspite of the many distractions by unscrupulous elements as represented by these faceless persons.

It is perhaps, those unhappy with his dogged fight against unprofessional conduct in the Nigerian Insurance Industry that are on this misguided mission to discredit his good intentions.

We would not be surprised if they follow this up with more rubbish, but they can be rest assured that the Nigerian insurance industry recognises the professional Mohammed is and are in no doubt of his qualification or ability.

We stand for the truth!

Long live the Nigerian Insurance Industry!!


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  2. Olugbenga Falekulo 0802 312 1041
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