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Jose Mourinho: Why Chelsea Won 2015 English Premier League

The Blues suffered a 5-3 humiliation at the hands of Spurs that day and Mourinho claims its impact was felt throughout the squad and it inspired the team rather than demoralising them-so much so that they’ve yet to lose since, putting together a formidable 14-game unbeaten run, clinching the title in the process.

Mourinho said: “On 1 January when we were level on points with City after a heavy defeat at Spurs, instead of being a turning
point, it was our last defeat.

“From that moment, we haven’t had one single defeat. The team were always there, everybody knows we deserve it.

“We were convinced for a long time (about winning the title) but my experience and maturity was always present and in control of the emotions and the situation.

“We are champions now but during the season we had some crucial moments we coped with in a fantastic way.”

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