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Global Reinsurers Adjust as Traditional Risks Take Unpredictable Patterns

Although the global reinsurance industry has been able to absorb the exceptional shock from the COVID-19 pandemic, perils that are becoming more complex and interrelated highlight the need for innovation to cover unmodeled risks as they emerge, and traditional risks as they evolve, according to a new AM Best special report.
In its latest annual look at the global reinsurance industry, “Global Reinsurance Outlook Remains Stable in a More Uncertain World,” AM Best states that a main challenge for the reinsurance industry is to remain relevant within the broader economy. After several years of struggling to meet their cost of capital, key players have started to turn the corner.

However, considerable uncertainty remains over sizable COVID-19-related claims reserves, which will take years to develop. Risk in general has become more difficult to model and price, and therefore, reinsure.

A higher share of uninsurable risks, considered either non-measurable, non-manageable or systemic, in a more connected world increasingly dominated by intangible assets, could translate into a smaller role for the reinsurance industry.

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