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GENCOs, TCN, DISCOs on War Path over Power Losses

Following the continuous worsening power outages the privatised Generating Power Companies (GENCOs), the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) and the Distribution Power Companies (DISCOs) are now on each other’s neck over who bears the cost of power losses from evacuation points through the national grid to the distribution network. This is due to dilapidated facilities at both the transmission level and distribution network.

At a meeting at the instance of Eko Disco in Lagos, the power companies could not reach an agreement as the GENCOs insisted that TCN should be held responsible for all the power losses from the generating stations through the national grid to the Discos.

However, the TCN argued that whatever quantity of power is supplied from the generating stations are directed to the Discos, therefore they should pay for it. But the Discos explained that they cannot pay for the power losses from the Gencos through the transmission lines managed by the TCN.

According to a source at the meeting, the Gencos claimed they had produced 200MW only for the Discos to receive less than 160MW, about 20 percent less than what the Gencos claimed they generated and evacuated. However, the Discos maintained that they will only bear the cost of the losses at the distribution network to consumers.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo has expressed dissatisfaction over the worsening power supply nationwide. At a meeting with the power owners, he advised them to collaborate with each other to ensure that the power situation improves; assuring that the government will give every necessary support to them.

He reminded them of the additional generation capacity by the recent commissioning of two National Integrated Power Projects (NIPPs) at Alaoji and Olorunsogo. Nebo said there are plans to commission other NIPP plants upon the completion of the projects. The minister described the DISCOs as the vital link in the service delivery chain.

He expressed strong commitment and willingness of the Federal Government to continue to support operations of the Generation and Distribution Companies to actualise the plans to meet the energy needs of customers in both the private and public sectors.

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