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Forex MasterClass Course Opens in Lagos Sept 9

For Participation: Contact: Lagos Capital Group: Phone: 234(0)8035180508 or 234(0)9096438474: Email: [email protected].

A forex trading course-FX MasterClass is set to open in Lagos on September 9 and 1O, 2O16 at Four Points Sheraton Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos. The Nigerian partner is Lagos Capital Group.

Anchored by Dr. Corvin Codirla, a world-renowned physicist and forex expert, the FX Master Course is everything every forex investor needs to create an iron-clad trading method that creates confidence in trading decisions and allows him to focus on those tactical strategies that add value to his bottom line.

“While everyone else is trying to sell you the latest EA or technical trick or tactic, I give you a simple yet comprehensive foundational framework that has proven itself for traders like you for more than a decade.”

Codirla, whose FX strategy has generated over $1 billion in 15 years of forex business, described the course as an opportunity to discover a system proven over decades by some of the best fund managers in the industry worldwide.

He added: “Discover the underlying factors that drive the FX market consistently to produce great returns. Discover how to create a truly great FX benchmark that will keep on generating consistent growth, allowing you to focus on tactical short-term profits.

The FX Master Course is really exactly what it says on the tin: a master-class in foreign exchange trading presented by an active fund manager with experience at the highest level in the industry globally.”

The FX trading framework for the MasterClass course has been proven in 3O solid years of trading and data by some of the best trading experts around the world.

Key benefits of the FX MasterClass course include:
• A system that tells you how the FX market is primed
• A system that uses fundamental and quantitative inputs and provides objective, unambiguous readings of the market pulse
• Using factors that have been around for decades and are pegged to the fundamental macro policies of every developed nation to generate consistent returns
• Having stability in your trading approach, so that you can experiment with tactical strategies which before would have left you scared witless
• Having a sound trading strategy, that you know will continue to perform over the years, and provide consistent returns
• A straight-forward system that cuts through all the noise and hype and provides with clear steps and facts that allow you to make consistently profitable trades

Cordirla said the course is divided into 6 strategic modules thus:

• Step 1: Understand the Business of FX Trading
• Step 2: How to Determine Your Performance Measured Against Your Competition and the Market
• Step 3: Really Understanding the FX Market
• Step 4: Stable Long-Term Returns from FX Benchmarks
• Step 5: Focusing on Tactical Trading: Your Real Strength
• Step 6: The Right Money Management

Contact: Lagos Capital Group
Phone: 234(0)8035180508 or 234(0)9096438474
Email: [email protected]

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