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Dell Unveils New Future-Ready Servers to Boost SME Productivity

End-to-end IT solutions provider, Dell, has unveiled the newest additions to its highly successful Dell PowerEdge 13th generation servers , created to help small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) prepare for future growth.

The new Dell PowerEdge servers include the PowerEdge R330 and R230 rack servers and the PowerEdge T330 and T130 tower servers.

According to the Research Director, Enterprise Servers, IDC, Jed Scaramella, the latest Dell PowerEdge servers address specific pain points of SMEs, including performance and speed, thereby helping customers accelerate performance, adapt to changing application demands and attain greater operational efficiency.

Scarmella said that, “Dell has a long history addressing the unique needs of small and midsize customers. Dell’s mainstream server portfolio is growing, and their new entry-level PowerEdge servers will be appealing to additional SMEs around the world who are hoping to save time and money while reducing business risk.”

Offering large amounts of internal storage capacity, extensive configuration flexibility, and an expandable memory footprint, the new entry-level PowerEdge servers feature up to four DDR4 memory slots and up to four or eight hard drives, enabling customers to accelerate compute performance across a wide range of applications. They also guarantee faster response times, with DDR4 delivering 33 percent faster memory performance compared to DDR3 memory.

As the Vice President and General Manager of Dell Server Solutions, Ashley Gorakhpurwalla noted, SMEs can combine the new PowerEdge servers with Dell’s end-to-end portfolio of hardware, software and services to enable operational efficiency and flexibility at any scale.

In his words: “There are over 125 million SOHO and SME customers around the globe, and these customers operate in challenging, fast-changing environments – with most not having the luxury of a dedicated IT department. These customers require IT solutions that help them prepare for future growth, drive application performance and improve operational efficiency and for decades, Dell has been helping customers achieve these goals.’

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