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GLO Leads with 26.6m New Internet Subscribers in June

Globacom, Nigeria’s data grandmasters, has again bested other operators to the top position in the segment of acquisition of new Internet subscribers in the month of June.
This is conveyed in the latest figures released by the industry regulator for the month of June.
According to the figures, Globacom ended the month of June with a total of 26,628,065 Internet subscribers up from 26,355,391 in May. This showed that the operator added a total of 272,674 new subscribers during the month.
The figure represents a remarkable improvement from the total number of subscribers gained between April and May. Glo recorded 49,124 new subscribers in April.
Airtel is the closest operator to Globacom with 45,334 new Internet subscribers by recording a total of 17,325,423 subscribers in June, up from 17,280,089 recorded in May.
Conversely, Etisalat had a total of 15,253,513 Internet subscribers at the end of June, down from the 15,508,024 Internet subscribers the operator had in May, effectively losing a total of 254,511 Internet subscribers in one month.
MTN Nigeria on its part recorded a total of 32,974,177 in June, down from the 33,108,786 Internet subscribers that the operator had in May.
Consequently, MTN lost a total of 134,609 within a month.
Generally, a total of 318,008 new Internet subscribers were gained in the industry and Globacom alone had 272,674 new Internet subscribers out of this figure.
From the foregoing, Globacom is responsible for about 86 percent of the total Internet subscriber acquisitions in the industry in the month of June.
Observers believe that Globacom’s consistent rise in the area of acquisition of new Internet subscribers may be attributed to the recent introduction of panoply of innovative products and services by the company.
Among the offerings currently exciting subscribers is Jollific8 which gives subscribers eight times the value of their recharge. It is widely acclaimed to be the best value for money in the industry.

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