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Special Executive Media Brief
In Recognition of Its Distinguished Corporate Status in the Advocacy and Promotion of Science, Technology & Innovation (STI) in Nigeria, Africa and the world.
As Nigeria moves into the 21st century its wealth and international competitiveness will be significantly influenced by her ability to develop and exploit intellectual capital (IP) by harnessing the power of information technology (IT).
Indeed, many of the new business opportunities for Nigerian firms will depend on their capacity to develop Innovative IT-based solutions, products and services which respond to the expanding role of Science and Technology across the economic development Ecosystem and sustainable society.
In both government and the business world, the organisations which benefit most from the transformative role of IT are those which treat IT as a key strategic resource for achieving organisational goals rather than as a purely technical input.
At DS-IHUB, we recognise your organisation and Domain expertise as a leading proponent, future hope and promoter of Innovation as demonstrated by your huge commitment to the advocacy of deploying technology for national development and wealth creation.
1.1    About DS-Innovation Hub
1.2    The DS-Innovation Hub is the ultimate experience and world class destination for new knowledge-centered innovation and adventure in creativity. It is desirous to be positioned and acclaimed as a professionally designed architecture and technology focused platform.
1.3    The Hub is a Private-Public Partnership (PPP) Platform for the promotion of Technology innovation. The Hub is accredited through peer review, as the first Knowledge-Innovation and Science & Technology Park in the South-South of Nigeria, and aims to positively disrupt the existing status quo.
1.4    It is located in Asaba – the capital city of Delta State. This Innovation Hub is classified as the metropolis of smarter ideas, creativity and a distinct catalyst for new thinking, values, renewable entrepreneurial leadership and constructive governance.
1.5    The DS-Innovation Hub is a disruptive technology platform for re-engineering the blueprint for smarter processes, more effective leadership and governance for inclusive public service.
1.6    The Hub will provide expertise on Science, Innovation and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) policy roadmap – incorporating implementation strategy advice on new processes and emerging approaches to conceptualisation, application and usage of Information and Communications Technology to respond to critical challenges and drive innovative solutions at all levels of engagement.
Why we established the Innovation Hub
“Make DS Innovation Hub a smarter Platform, international destination and national centre of ICT innovation and knowledge creation”.
“We create and innovate”.
Our mission is to develop the Innovation Hub as a world-class knowledge factory.
Applying a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) development model we aim to strategically harness all knowledge attributes, potentials and ICT processes in and beyond the Delta State Region as the core accelerate or for leadership, public policy, inclusive governance, state security, entrepreneurship, youth and women empowerment, creativity, innovation and wealth creation. The Hub aims to be a well groomed platform for timely harnessing critical knowledge and accelerating the translation of ideas into functional products and services.
 Institutional Knowledge sustainability is at the core of the above mission and values.
We would make every effort to ensure that knowledge, idea and creativity consistency becomes and remains our strategic compass for the sustainability of institutional culture for science, technology and innovation at all levels of our development – incorporating the engagements of the following challenges:
 • The rapidly waxing population which pose immense challenges to Governance Leadership, Institutional Peace, State Security and Climate Change.
• Explore complex social and economic problems which challenge policymakers to provide new and more effective responses to the policy needs and demands of their citizenry.
• Focus on National, State and Peoples security – especially at the digital platform – which demands urgent social inclusion solutions.
• Examine responsive strategies for successfully engaging the above challenges
• Intervention strategies for acknowledging that effective, successful and sustainable 21st century development resides in well structured innovations and creative IP development.
 • Building responsive capacities and capabilities for disaster recovery and sustainability.
Our focus amongst others is to build High-Technology Innovation Capacities, encourage disruptive technology processes, retool the workforce and develop a creative capacity of new-thinkers and skillful doers:
• Empower leadership with critical knowledge for impactful governance
• Providing Go-to-business Innovation mentoring to support start-ups and entrepreneurial aspiration in the commercialisation of new ideas and products.
• Create standards to improve confidence and trust in Stakeholders, ensure effectiveness and job security
• Improve efficiency, service quality and customer satisfaction.
• Empower public service players and action-owners with functional strategies.
• Apply effective, innovative techniques to engage challenges and deliver goals on time.
• Scale up proven, successful innovations across our faculties.
• Apply inclusive strategies to accelerate effective policy responses by policymakers.
• Motivate and empower Stakeholder to improve productivity and enhance growth.
• Establish guidelines for effective monitoring mechanism to enhance quality assurance.
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