Interswitch: Value Financing Will Spur Growth of Payment Ecosystem

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Africa’s leading integrated payments and digital commerce company, Interswitch, has restated its commitment to continue supporting customers to meet urgent needs through its technology-driven lending solution called Value Financing.

The Value Financing solution is designed to provide customers with credit facilities as an alternative  option for the payment for goods and services on e-commerce platforms and other digital platforms; consequently, allowing customers to meet their pressing needs with loans.

In the wake of the rising inflation across the globe, the firm said it has become necessary for customers to explore the use of credit facilities to meet their urgent needs.

Innocent Itobore, Head, Interswitch Lending and Data Services at Interswitch made these assertions at the third edition in the series of Regional Breakfast Sessions which held at the Carlton Swiss Grand Hotel, Enugu state. He said that Interswitch will continue to support customers and businesses to scale and thrive through the provision of innovative products and solutions.

He said “At Interswitch, we understand the peculiar needs of our customers, hence we continue to design products that will allow financial institutions and merchants meet the urgent needs of customers with loans, leveraging our cutting-edge technology systems. These solutions will, in turn, expand the lending offerings for financial institutions and give merchants the ability to grow their businesses as they get more purchases from customers, who can buy now and pay later.”

He said Interswitch organised the Regional Breakfast Session to provide insights and discuss robust opportunities for businesses to enable them to get first-hand information about Interswitch products and solutions.

Itobore further explained “The Regional Breakfast Session is an opportunity for us to introduce our customers to new, game-changing products that promise a range of digital competencies that will drive growth and profitability for their organisations. Essentially, these solutions will help remove costs that businesses would have incurred to develop enabling systems that foster seamless collection and disbursement of funds.”

During the course of the event, participants were onboarded on to other new Interswitch products which include; Tokenisation, Fintech-in-a-box, Interswitch-Security-as-a-Solution, Banking-as-a-Service, Payment-as-a- Service, Mobile Banking-as -a-Service and Biometrics on POS.

The Regional Breakfast Session series has been organised to gather financial industry players to discuss critical issues within payment ecosystem with the goal of deepening digital payments in the country and beyond.

After successfully hosting the events in Ibadan, Port Harcourt and Enugu, the event train is expected to move to Abuja and Lagos.



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