When Bakers Hit Gold!

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A baker is only as good as his/her flour. The type of flour utilized in the bakery determines the quality of the output which in turn influences patronage and profitability.

These 2 factors will ultimately determine whether a bakery will thrive, remain stagnant or perhaps even decline and ultimately close shop.

There are certain performance indicators which can be used in assessing the quality of flour. Characteristics of high-quality flour include high water absorption which results in high yield as well as good look, feel and taste of the final product.

Bakers prefer flour that absorbs more water because it gives higher yield than lower water absorbing flour. It is also important that the final product of the flour looks, feels and tastes good as this is what consumers experience and what will induce trial and repeat purchase.

Three prominent bakers agree that a popular flour brand, Mama Gold Flour, ticks all the boxes with regards to a flour that has the highest water absorption, gives higher yield and also looks, feels and tastes very good.

These bakers should know, given their experience and the positions they occupy in the Lagos baking industry. They are Alhaji Raji Omotunde—Assoc. Chairman; Alhaja Sherifat  Gbadamosi, Treasurer and; Alhaji Raji Opeyemi, the Alimosho Local Government Chairman, all of the Lagos Chapter of the Association of Master Bakers and Caterers of Nigeria (AMBCN), the umbrella body for bread bakers in the country.

Alhaji Omotunde described Mama Gold Flour as the most superior flour brand in the market, asserting that the product quality and packaging are exceptional. Speaking on his preference for the Mama Gold flour brand, he said: “I have noticed that the quality of Mama Gold far exceeds the quality of the other brands. This is why I usually buy only Mama Gold flour”.

Speaking further, the AMBCN president said: “When I use the Mama Gold brand, the bread is fluffy and very attractive. The bread baked with Mama Gold flour always has a golden look. These qualities make the Mama Gold Flour a unique flour brand. Hence any baker who knows his onions in baking will most likely go for Mama Gold Flour.”

Gbadamosi also affirmed the good taste of bread baked with Mama Gold flour and its impact on the profitability of her bakery. The AMBCN treasurer, who is also a retailer of the Mama Gold flour brand, advises existing and potential bakers to use Mama Gold flour for all their baking.

She stated: “I have been recommending Mama Gold to other bakers who, having used it, can also attest to its quality. One of the bakers I introduced the Mama Gold Flour to has been using only Mama Gold Flour ever since I introduced it to her three years ago. She now bakes a minimum of 100 bags of flour every week in her bakery. I sell and bake only with Mama Gold Flour. I don’t use any other brand. I have been persuaded to buy some other flour brands, but I have always refused to do so since I am fine with Mama Gold.”

She further described the taste of her bread as top notch, adding that she frequently receives compliments for the bread. She attributes this to the fact that she uses a brand of flour that has never failed her.“Mama Gold Flour will always be my preferred choice because its quality speaks for itself. The very unique taste it gives our bread is actually not comparable to the taste of bread made from other flour brands.”

Alhaja Gbadamosi also confirmed that Mama Gold flour has helped in boosting the profitability of her bakery because it absorbs more water and gives more yield than any other available flour brand. “The high-water absorption rate translates into extra number of dough which results in extra profit per bag of flour” and there was also a time that the company ran an end-user promo that further boosted profitability for all bakers who are loyal to the brand.”

For Alhaji Raji Opeyemi who has over 40 years of baking experience, Mama Gold towers above other brands in terms of bread taste and texture, adding that it has also maintained its high quality since it was launched in 2014. He also attested to the high yield quality of the Mama Gold flour brand.

Aside being a master baker, Alhaji Opeyemi is one of the biggest wholesale distributors of flour in Lagos State. He also reiterated that Mama Gold flour is the preferred brand for bakers who purchase flour from him. He said: “Most bakers who buy flour from me prefer Mama Gold Flour. That speaks a lot about the yield and quality of the brand. As a baker I use other brands sometimes just to see what the yield and product will be, and I have never regretted sticking to Mama Gold Flour in my bakery. Some flour brands claim to weigh 50kg, but actually weigh less. It will amaze you that we from time to time enjoy end-users promo. This gesture is very encouraging to bakers and should inspire other millers to do more for their bakers. The quality of Mama Gold Flour is topnotch, so I expect nothing less from its yield which in turn brings profit.”

He advised upcoming bakers to conduct their own tests with Mama Gold Flour against other flour brands to confirm which brand will give them the best results. His prediction went thus: “When they compare the end product, they will know that Mama Gold is the Best in terms of yield and quality.”

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