‘Today, I am proud to announce the lowest call rate in Nigeria, using the very latest 4G LTE technology. Yes Nigeria! It is true. You can make calls at 8kobo per second to any network in Nigeria. You can also make and receive calls at the same rate from any country in the world. That is the Smile innovation! That is the Smile promise!! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome once again to our world of UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES!’
That was the kernel of the speech by Mr. Godfrey Efeurhobo, Managing Director of Smile Communications Limited at the re-launch of Smile Voice services in Lagos yesterday.
‘As you are aware, Smile made the first ever Voice over LTE (VoLTE) call in Nigeria during the beta testing of its voice service in October 2015. Most of you were invited and witnessed this historic event. Since then, we have introduced SmileVoice to our customers who can use SmileVoice from a VoLTE-enabled handset with Smile SIM card OR downloading the SmileVoice App on their Android or Apple iPhone device.’
The SmileVoice App is a world-first, FREE mobile app that gives customers access to SuperClear voice calls over 4G LTE network, without the need for a VoLTE handset. Having the SmileVoice app on your mobile is like having a second SIM card in your phone.
Efeurhobo said Smile customers can use their data plan to make SuperClear voice, video calls and send SMSs to any number locally and internationally and there would be no need for the recipient to also have SmileVoice.
With SmileVoice, thousands of Nigerians are now enjoying seamless, SuperClear voice calls to their loved ones to and from anywhere in the world.
‘With the SmileVoice App, connected to any data network anywhere in the world, you can make calls to any network in Nigeria at the same rate!’

About Smile Communications
Smile is Nigeria’s premier 4G LTE operator with coverage in eight cities, with plans to roll out services in more cities in Nigeria. Smile possesses a Universal Access Service License (UASL), which means that it is a full communications company, and not an ISP, albeit providing services using the latest 4G LTE technology.
Smile is a full, best-in-class Communications Company. We are today where every other communications company would like to be. With Smile, you are at the cutting-edge of telecommunications technology. We invite you to Smile. Now you can!