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Still on Entrepreneurship!

In the past three editions, l dwelt on the topic of entrepreneurship because readers kept asking for more. In this edition however, l consider it pertinent to showcase real-life successful entrepreneurial CASE STUDY-away from all the grammar! A case of practical example-indeed.

Konosuke Matsushita: The $73 Billion Story!
In 1917 in Japan, a 23-year-old apprentice (Konosuke Matsushita) worked at the Osoka Electric Light Company without any form of formal education.

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Entrepreneurship: The Lonely Road to Sustainable Financial Future (2)

I honestly did not plan to pen Part 2 of this article (above) l did last week. But the response from our readers was overwhelming and many requested a follow-up. The message is very clear:

Many Nigerians are eager to leave paid employment behind and plot their own destiny on their own terms.

Even with all the bumps and spikes in the Nigerian business environment staked against entrepreneurs and small business owners, many still consider the Entrepreneur Route as the best route to their financial stability and future.

A job is a job. A business is a business! It would be pertinent at this stage to look at key factors that would be of profound interest to existing and potential entrepreneurs.

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Entrepreneurship: The Lonely Road to Sustainable Financial Future

Entrepreneurship is a lonely path. It is a lonely road of earthly bumps, spikes, leaking wallet and sweet sweat at the end of the rough road.

It is not a calling for every man or woman. It is a path set aside for a select crop of men and women set aside for that purpose. At a time of growing unemployment and dwindling oil revenue as a result of falling oil prices in the international market, it is time to raise greater awareness on the importance and benefits of entrepreneurship towards sustainable financial future.

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Niger Delta Amnesty Programme: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow!

The Niger Delta Amnesty Programme is still on course! That was the good news every citizen of the Niger Delta region, concerned Nigerians and multinationals in the oil & gas sector wanted to hear from the Seat of Power in Abuja.

That good news came via presidential statement announcing retired Brigadier-General Paul Boroh as the New Co-ordinator of the Niger Delta Amnesty Programme. He replaced Kingsley Kuku.

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BUHARINOMICS: Charting Path to Sustainable Economic Renaissance

The presidential election was over on Saturday, March 28, 2015. It is now a historical document for academic research and street political analysis.

On March 28, CHANGE triumphed over TRANSFORMATION AGENDA, leading to the emergence of General Muhammadu Buhari as President, Federal Republic of Nigeria. On May 29, Buhari assumed the leadership of the nation, bringing to an end, the regime of Goodluck Jonathan.

For Buhari, it is a long road to Aso Rock. Three times he contested and lost. And three times he dusted the stinking ashes of defeat to rise again to seek for the same office. And on the fourth effort, he won. Either fortune smiled on him or the Gods took pity on him and handed him the office to break the cycle of defeat and save him from the poisoned pen of harsh historians and political propagandists.

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NNPC: An Ugly, Dirty Story!

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is a Bad Story. Today, right thinking members of the Nigerian society are asking just one question: What is wrong with NNPC?

In the past few years and running, the NNPC has been in the news for all the wrong reasons- from frequent sacking of its group managing directors, which gives a picture of instability and incompetence, to endless allegations of insolvency and rampant fraud.

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YES-Let’s Talk About Shelter!

Way back in my college days, we were taught that every man needs three basic things for normal living: Food, Clothing and Shelter. For me and my folks then, the teacher was only teaching us to pass our exams and move on to the next class.

Why should we really bother about the teacher’s sermon of Food, Clothing and Shelter as three basic needs of man when our Daddy and Mummy were there for us 24/7, providing all the food we need, the clothing to cover our bodies and shelter to sleep in overnight.

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3 Congratulations to 3 Men of History

It’s a season of divine victories for Nigeria! A victorious season that began with peaceful conduct of presidential election on Saturday, March 28, 2015 and equally peaceful handover of political power to another political party at the centre.

It was also a political milestone when the defeated incumbent president freely conceded defeat and congratulated his opponent-an exemplary conduct in our clime.

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Non-Performing Loans: Are Banks Innocent Victims?

The 322 Bankers’ Committee Meeting ended recently in Abuja with a resounding resolution to publish the names of bank debtors on August 1, 2015 under the so-called ‘Name & Shame’ initiative.

The objective of this measure we were told is to recover the estimated N400 billion listed as outstanding bad debt in the banking sector.Even before the resolution of the Bankers’ Committee, a number of angry banks had already published such list of debtors in selected national dailies. Unity Bank Plc is one of them.

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We, The Prisoners of DStv

Once upon a time, there was a homegrown payTV network in Nigeria named HiTV. Established in 2007, it later won the rights to the English Premiership League (EPL) which was the icing on the cake for it and its rising clientele. Unfortunately, the romance did not last.

By 2010, the Toyin Subair-led HiTV was unable to renew and retain the EPL deal in a $100 million duel with Multichoice, the South African-owned operator of DStv. HiTV lost. DStv snatched the deal. But as we now know, HiTV was not the only loser. Nigerians also lost!

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